Wellbeing clippings 

 'Writing on the wall' 
An ancient art form, murals rouse and nurture community spirit around the world to this day
For Oh magazine
The pleasure of making a meal for one
For Oh magazine

 'Diversify your pursuits' 
Why a toolkit of hobbies could be a better buffer for your wellbeing than regularly practicing just one pastime
For Breathe magazine

 'Letters from the heart' 
Words penned on paper and sent to a friend or relative can be life-affirming and enduring
For Breathe magazine

 'Breathing space' 
 Find some space to breathe and appreciate the greatness of simply being alive
For The Oxford Student

 'Cultivating your social network' 
How to overcome loneliness with what you already have
For Planet Mindful magazine

 'Finding the courage to quit' 
Society can make us feel ashamed for giving up on something or someone, but sometimes quitting is the right road to take and one which can lead to greater fulfilment
For Planet Mindful magazine

 'Show time' 
Watching a musical live on stage evokes feelings of joy and empowerment - so what's their secret?
For Breathe magazine

 'Rude awakenings' 
How to stop the spread of bad manners
For Breathe magazine

 'When positivity turns toxic' 
Unrelenting optimism in the face of adversity may do more harm than good. Jenny Rowe explains how to recognise and steer clear of toxic positivity
For Planet Mindful magazine

 'Dip or dive' 

Binge-watching TV is tempting, but does it always provide the best entertainment?
For Breathe magazine
 'Finding your roots' 
How growing a family tree and appreciating the past can boost self-esteem and change the present for the better
For Teen Breathe magazine

 'Beyond the thrill' 
Why is it that some of our worst nightmares form the backbone of popular entertainment?
For Breathe magazine

 'New words for a new world' 
How language affects our mental health
For An Inkling journal

 'Forward thinking' 
How to harness the psychology of why we share online to improve our social media connections
For Breathe magazine

Taking special care, one stitch at a time
For Oh magazine

 'Sex ed reboot' 
Trace the evolution of sex education as new guidelines give the subject a much-needed upgrade
For Be Kind magazine

 'Seeing the world in words' 
How writing poetry can help you digest your reality
For Lionheart magazine